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Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Weblapu uzbūves un satura optimizācija ar mērķi sasniegt labākus rezultātus meklētāju programu rezultātu lapās.

To vajad ja gribat būt #1 rezultāts kad cilvēks meklē "Jūs Firma" vai "Nozare" kādā no Search lapā.

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What is PageRank?

PageRank is Google's method of measuring a page's "importance." When all other factors such as Title tag and keywords are taken into account, Google uses PageRank to adjust results so that sites that are deemed more "important" will
move up in the results page of a user's search accordingly.

A basic overview of how Google ranks pages in their search engine results pages (SERPS) follows:

1) Find all pages matching the keywords of the search.
2) Rank accordingly using "on the page factors" such as keywords.
3) Calculate in the inbound anchor text.
4) Adjust the results by Page Rank scores.

In reality, it's slightly more complex and we'll discuss this in more depth later, but for now the above description serves our purposes. It's worth noting that Page Rank is a multiplier and is not just simply added to the score. Thus, if your page had a PageRank of zero, it would rank at the very end of the SERPS.

How is PageRank determined?

The Google theory goes that if Page A links to Page B, then Page A is saying that Page B is an important page. PageRank also factors in the importance of the links pointing to a page. If a page has important links pointing to it, then its links to other pages also become important. The actual text of the link is irrelevant when discussing PageRank.

How can you tell what a page's PageRank is?

To learn what a page's PageRank is, you can download a toolbar for Internet Explorer from Once installed, there will be a bar graph at the top of the browser showing a version of PageRank for the page you're browsing. When you hold the mouse over the bar, you see a number from zero to ten. (If you don't see the number, you may have an older version of the toolbar installed. You will need to completely uninstall it, reboot your computer and reinstall the latest version. Once this is done, you should be able to see the PageRank number.)


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