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Most computers connected to the Internet are identified by a unique number called an IP address (for instance, IP addresses are neither intuitive (they don't correspond to a geographical location) nor easy to remember (you can prove that by glancing away from this page and then trying to quote the example IP address above!)

Register .com/.net/.org domains for only $9.20 USD
(lots of extra features like DNS servers and redirects included for free)

.com is the top domain under which my domain name is registered. There are heaps of different top domains out there, from commercial (.com) through to non-profit (.org) and even country-specific top domains such as France (.fr) and Italy (.it). Every domain name is registered under a top domain of some kind. The top domain is often known as the domain extension - these are the same thing, so don't get mixed up!

The top domain and sub-domain together make up what people call a domain name . If you asked me what my site's domain was, I would reply "" 

Always remember that when we talk about "owning" a domain name, we are really talking about the exclusive right to use that name. It is not possible to own a domain name outright, and you will have to pay a periodic renewal fee to keep this "right to use" your domain name. Also, since you don't own the name itself, under certain circumstances a court can take your right to use a domain name away from you.

When you buy a domain name, your details (name, company name, address, etc.) are recorded in the database along with the domain name, the date that you purchased the name and the date you will be due to pay a "renewal fee" for the domain name. Depending on how and through which company you bought the name initially, you will own the right to use the name for between 1 year and 10 years before you have to pay this renewal fee (each company has slightly different policies, so read the small print carefully when you register a domain name!)

There are many cases when the domain name that you would like to use is already taken, but as you can see by lookng it up it has not been used and could soon exire. Now you can monitor that name so that hen it expies you will be the one who gets to buy it. Doing this manualy would take up a lot of time and wouldn't give you a very good change at grabing the domain, but if you use a serice like the one offered by you have a prety good chance of getting the domain name you desire.


Domain name registration

To Check if the domain you wish to register is free and to regsiter .com .net .org .info .biz .tv domains go to domain registration servicr

Domain name registration


Domain Name Pricing

.COM $9.20 /yr
.ORG $9.20 /yr
.NET $9.20 /yr
.BIZ $10.18 /yr
.INFO $8.16 /yr
.CC $27.75 /yr
.TV $25.67 /yr
.WS $27.75 /yr
.NU $27.75 /yr
.BZ $27.75 /yr
.US $9.99 /yr


Domain that You want is already taken but not used?
This services help You catch the domain when its registration expires and it becomes available again.


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