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fendi replicaWhat is Behind the Famous FF Logo and the Replica Versions

Fendi, symbolized by FF, is an Italian fashion business which was founded by Adele Casagrande on 1918. The whole business used to be anchored on a small leather shop business. Fendi was the family name of Adele's husband which she married in 1925. It was further made into a truly Fendi family business when the couple's five daughters took control of the business.

Currently, the company is associated with Louis Vuitton and Prada. The FF logo or Zucca was created by Karl Lagerfield, the company's fashion director. Most world famous Fendi products consist of bags, furs and shoes. The fashion company has become known as the designer and creator of bags such Fendi Spy. They are expensive which gives those who can afford the privilege to wear Fendi elegantly. It also offers Fendi Patent Baguette which is versatile for it can be used as handbag, clutch or shoulder bag.  

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There are celebrities who wear Fendi, as spotted by paparazzi. These are Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, and many others. What the company is best in is its ability to innovate and change the mind of the people about what fashion is about. The bags come in different colors of the rainbow.

For cheaper versions of Fendi and Tory Burch handbags, you can always go for Fendi spy bag replica store. There are also other replica versions which are priced expensively as the salespeople would pretend that they are authentic bags. Those customers who are not alert and wise enough will surely fall into a trap such as this.

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