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Speciālais piedāvājums - Bezmaksas Hostings bez reklāmām ar PHP un MySQL! Free web hosting with PHP/MySQL and without Ads.

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We are a group of webdesigners / programmers from Latvia (Europe) joining our forces in order to maximize our competitive advantage on the world wide web. To put it short - we can do the same of better than the competition but for less - because we are from LV where resources are cheaper...


Our work is not limited to designing websites - we help our customer to reach their goals. That involves research in the area of their activities. System analysis to determine how a website will assist in their business - help in setting the goals for it. Developing the sites to appeal to the selected audience. Promotion of the site on the net and ongoing support. Latvijas SEO - Search Engine Marketing in google.lv and MSN/Bing, Yahoo and Google.com. We guide you to the success!

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Where we come from

Latvia is neither very large nor very small. It's a country cozily nestled between Estonia and Lithuania on the shore of the Baltic Sea, also known as the Amber Sea. The territory of Latvia (24,900 square miles) is inhabited by over 2.5 million people. Latvian language is one of the most ancient European Languages. Together with Lithuanian, Latvian forms the Baltic branch of the Indo-European group of languages. Although Latvia occupies only a small territory, the variety of its nature is large. This is determined by its geographical location, the history of its development and the local characteristics.

The nature - Daba
You won't see smoking volcanoes or geysers, cloud-covered mountain tops or boundless plains in Latvia. However, Latvia will surprise you with other generous gifts of Mother Nature. Tree-covered hills alternate with grain-fields and pastures of the flatlands and massive forests. Along picturesque riverbanks the uncovered basic strata form cliffs and crags in which the water has carved caves. Numerous lakes sparkle at the bottom of hills. The forests and waters are full of wildlife.

Welcome to Latvia. Capital Riga see the map. Travel to latvia make a company with anonymous accountin in bank date latvian girl and buy flower for here.

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